lanis garden


wilbur soot, cinders and kennys girlfriend/s/o <3





lani | he/she/they/soot | taken | gryffindor | intj

hey! im lani! you could call me moss too! i have 3 wonderful boyfriends. kenny, cinders and wilbur! i enjoy alchemy, my favorite color is orange, my favorite mc block is glowstone, my favorite mob is either bees or phantoms! i am a minor, i love to draw and sing!, i am trans pan and poly! i mostly lean towards masculinity, that is why i still count myself as trans! its what i identified as and feel comfy with! i love to play the guitar!! i have autism (Autism Spectrum Disorder/ASD), and im apart of an osdd system!


do not interact/dni if

you are dangankin or hamilkinif you fit the basic dni criteria (racist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist etc.)if you are neo, roman, madi, endertie, or khloe.if you are antivaxxif you believe the joe hawley doc is trueyoull attack me for having erotomania and tell me wilbur isnt my boyfriend.if you made fun of the "i love dream" copypasta [it was made by someone with erotomania]if you are poppytwt

before you interact/bfi

i have autism spectrum disorder, conversations are very difficult for me, and i usually dont pick up on social cues quickly, im sorry if i do not respond.

i tend to zone out alot, i apologize if i dont get back to you quickly!

i have erotomania and wilbur soot is my boyfriend, if you dont like that, then leave ^^

i really like witchcraft and tally hall ^^

i have ptsd related to ab*se and s3xu^l assault trauma, please do not joke about those topics.

im apart of a osdd system! i have alters, its not always lani that you will be talkin 2!


my interests are...

dream teamdreamwastakenmcyttwttally hall/miracle musicalminecraftrobloxwitchcraft/alchemyshaker charmshomestuckjoe hawleytraumacore